Glitter Tattoos

Do you want something to keep the kids (big and small) entertained? How about getting us to do glitter tattoos or festival glitter.

Glitter is great fun for childrens parties, sleepovers, christenings, wedding receptions, and events. We have a whole team trained up to apply glitter, so depending on the size of your event, you can 1 team member or 4.

Glitter tattoos are only suitable for anyone aged 3 and over. If you are having a themed party, we may be able to bring the tattoos to match.

Festival glitter is suitable for older children and adults. The reason for this, is because it goes on faces. Glitter tattoos should NEVER be put onto faces!

If you are interested in having glitter at your party or event. Contact us for all the information.  Don’t forget if you need balloons and sweets, we will make a package up, just for you.

We only use high quality Cosmetic Glitter. It is manufactured to stringent European cosmetic regulations 1223/2009.  It is EN71-3 and FDA approved.  Non-toxic and safe to use, ideal for body art, glitter tattoos. The glue we use is cosmetic body glue/skin adhesive is specially formulated for safe use on the skin. It is a non-irritating water-based adhesive.