Would you like to book in an appointment with me?

You can choose from phone appointments or in person appointments.

Find a day and a time and get booked in, its that simple.

There is a charge (£20) for in person appointments this is due at the time you book in, and will be deducted from your final invoice total.

Phone Appointments

Book in for a phone appointment. This way I will have set aside my time for you, and you for me. We can chat without having to worry about interruptions.

Whilst we are talking its good to have a screen open too, then I can email you over ideas as we chat.


In person Appointments

Want to meet in person instead of emailing or chatting on the phone?

Choose from coming to me at Creative Decorations or we can meet at your venue instead.

Come to Creative Decorations

Have an appointment here at creative Decorations, look through photos, chat about ideas and see the balloons in real life to match up colours.


Meet at your venue

Book in an appointment to meet at your venue, we can work out what can go in what space together.

It is worth checking with your venue what they can do, before booking in a slot with me.


Cancellations of Appointments

Your Appointment fee is non – refundable, it will however allow a change.

If you do need to reschedule, please do this ASAP, by email.

If you do not show up and do not reschedule Creative Decorations reserve the right to keep this payment.

Your appointment fee will be deducted off your final invoice total.

You can click here to see all of Creative Decorations T&Cs